The Year in Books...

Final Update

Jan 19 - Special Ops (WEB Griffin)
Jan 30 - The Kingdom (Cussler)
Jan 31 - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Skloot) I understand why this is a bestseller!
Feb 2   - Prelude to Foundation (Asimov) I read the Foundation scifi trilogy in the 60's and never knew he wrote a prequel. This is very good!
Feb 14 - Tom Clancy's Op Center (Clancey & Pieczenik) I normally stay away from "Tom Clancy's anything" - usually written by the collaborator - but this was decent
Feb 19 - Key Out of Time (Norton) Narrated for Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti. This was number 3 of The Time Traders novels and pretty good.
Mar 1 - This Is Your War (Pyle) Pyle's emblematic view from the front line in North Africa.
Mar 6 - For Us the Living (Robertson) a book of Mort Kunstler's Civil War paintings, with surprisingly good text accompaniment
Mar 19 - The Ebb-Tide (Robt Louis Stevenson) Narrated for LV.
Mar 29 - The Hunger Games (Collins) very good... and so was the movie!
Mar 30 - Soviet Tank Units, 1939-45 (Porter)
Apr 2 - Dunkirk (Gelb) excellent hour-by-hour of the near disaster
Apr 6 - Destroyers for Great Britain (Hague) what impressed me is how many of the 50 collided once or more times with other ships!
Apr 22 - Combat! Vol. 3 (Coonts, ed.) three novellas, two good and one execrable
Apr 25 - Fundamentals of Naval Warfare (Levert) written right after WWII and full of its lessons
Apr 28 - Catching Fire (Collins) a sequel to The Hunger Games, and I liked it as much.
May 1 - Steel Whispers (Trenholm) narrated for Iambik.
May 7 - Mockingjay (Collins) the final novel in The Hunger Game series, and by far the least.
May 17 - Gateway to Victory (Hamilton & Bolce) How San Francisco supplied our Pacific effort in WWII. Boring, I'm afraid.
May 23 - Invasion!: War of Two Worlds (Reginald) Narrated for Wildside Press via ACX.com
May 28 - Paul of Dune (Herbert & Anderson) filling in the chinks in the Dune pantheon
Jun 4 - Hunters of Dune (Herbert & Anderson)
Jun 8 - Midnight Tides (Erikson) I swear, this series is getting weirder with each book!
Jun 22 - The Enchanted Island (Apjohn) Narrated for Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti. 
Jun 25 - Steel Victory (Yeide) Independent tank battalions in WWII
Jul 11 - The Adventures of Pinocchio (Collodi) Narrated for LV.
Jul 15 - Inferno: The World at War 1939-1945 (Hastings) This was recommended by The Wall Steet Journal and was a good read
Jul 24 - Oath of Fealty (Moon)
Jul 27 - The Cruel Sea (Montserrat) a classic of war at sea in WWII
Jul 30 - The User's Guide to the Universe (Goldberg & Blomquist) Entertaining! Narrated for John Wiley & Sons, through ACX, available on Audible.com
Aug 13 - A Blaze of Glory (J. Shaara) Another Civil War novel in the mold his father created, but really not his best work
Aug 14 - Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier (Walter) A rarity - a diary kept by one of Napoleon's Allied German soldiers in the Moscow Campaign
Aug 24 - A Company of Stars (Stasheff) Book 1 of a trilogy
Aug 29 - The Calico Cat (Thompson) read for LV
Aug 30 - We Open on Venus (Stasheff) Book 2; shoulda stopped with #1
Sep 5 - A Slight Detour (Stasheff) Book 3; REALLY shoulda stopped with #1!
Sep 11 - Mother of Winter (Hambley)
Sep 15 - Sporting Chance (Moon)
Sep 25 - Powers That Be (McCaffrey & Scarborough) Book 1 of a trilogy. This is just a feel-good sci-fi book with only the slightest nod to science or realistic characters
Sep 28 - Power Lines (McCaffrey & Scarborough) Book2. Now they're really getting silly.
Oct 7 - Power Play (McCaffrey & Scarborough) Book 3. More of the same.
Nov 3 - An Army at Dawn (Atkinson) A really excellent account of the WWII American campaign in North Africa. I highly recommend it!
Nov 8 - Stealing Home (Trenholm) Narrated for Iambik (and as of Jan 8, they haven't published it yet!)
Nov 26 - The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairy Land in a Ship of Her Own Making (Valente)
Nov 27 - Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions, 1939 - 1945 (Rosado & Bishop)

NO BOOKS in December - I switched to reading all the magazines I'd been ignoring!

Total for the year: 45